We represent the most popular sports channels in Croatia and the region!

Higher frequency and selection of thematic channels for greater reach at better prices!

Advertising options

Broadcasting in an advertising block

Broadcasting of a TV spot on one or more channels from the offer.
Individual broadcasts, packages, CPP arrangement for annual budgets.


Broadcasting of a 5-second spot at the beginning and end of each advertising block within the "marketing" peak. Excellent frequency and visibility.

Broadcasting of a special inserter over most of the screen during LIVE matches. Excellent visibility and space for communication with customers during the program itself.

Broadcasting of various elements throughout the day – foršpani, branded announcements, TV spots and inserts in LIVE matches. Offers at the client's request.

Inserter broadcasting for every scored goal in all LIVE football matches.

Broadcasting of inserters during the full compensation of time in all LIVE football matches (minimum 4 minutes per match).

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